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Cape Jasmine

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Botanical name:- Gardenia jasminoides

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Scientific nameGardenia jasminoides
Common nameGardenia
Temperature requirement25-35 °C
LightFull sun to partial shade
WateringWater everyday and keep moist
PestsWhiteflies, mealybugs, scales, aphids and spider mites
Pet friendlinessToxic to pets
Maximum plant height90-240CM
Potting mixpotting soil / Red soil / Manure / Perlite
Pot requirementGood drainage and repot every 1-2 years
NutritionApply Manure for first 15 days and NPK for next 15 days
Pruning & trainingRemove dead and diseased leaves with sterile shears
Flower colorRed, pink, pale yellow (some with purple mottling) and white
DescriptionThe plants in the Gardenia genus love bright sunlight, especially in the mornings, but this needs to be indirect. If you don’t provide your gardenias with some shade, you will likely end up with scorched and wilted leaves, along with spindly stems and fewer flowers. The exception to this would be in cooler regions, where gardenias is sometimes able to tolerate full sun. If you’re growing your gardenias indoors, make sure that it receives at least six hours of light through a sunny window.It requires acidic soil with a pH of between 5 and 6.5, preferring soil to be well-draining, organic and rich in nutrients.Soil test kits are the best way to determine how acidic your soil is. Don’t forget to also test your water source too – tap water is usually slightly alkaline to prevent water pipe erosion. Gardenias enjoys the soil to be consistently damp but well-drained, ideally with around 2.5 cm of water a week, but more if the roots seem to be drying out quickly. A gardenias that is too dry will end up stressed, resulting in it dropping closed flower buds. However, it is also important not to flood gardenias roots – while consistent moisture is the key, take care not to over-water either.
Try to water your gardenias directly on the soil, as this will help to prevent diseases from forming in the leaves. Regularly check the moisture level of the soil around your gardenias to ensure adequate watering, especially while the plant is in bloom. The exception to this would be if you need to increase humidity around your plants – a light water mist once a day can help to boost this. For healthy plants, fertilize your gardenias once a month in the spring and the summer, stopping as soon as the cooler weather rolls in. Make sure that your fertilizer is one that has been designed for acid-loving plants to maintain the pH level of the soil. Fertilizer should contain roughly equal proportions of the three main elements (N%-P2O5%-K2O%) with 3-1-2 or 3-1-3. It will be especially beneficial when it comes to encouraging new growth.
Don’t be tempted to over-fertilize, as this will only end up burning your plants, making it wise to dilute the concentration of your fertilizer a little more than you usually would. It does not really require much pruning for maintenance, but many choose to lightly prune as a way to shape it. If you choose to do so, do this in the summer, immediately after all of the flowers have faded.

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140.0 AED160.0 AED (-13%)

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