Brazilian wood

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Botanical name:- Paubrasilia echinata

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Scientific namePaubrasilia echinata
Common nameBrazilian wood
Temperature18-24 Β°C
LightBright indirect light
WateringAdd water after drying for 1/2 days, alternately dry and wet to prevent bottom rot.
PestsMealybugs and fungus
Pet friendlinessNot hazardous
Maximum Plant heightThe brazilwood tree may reach up to 15 m
Potting mixIt grows in water, change water once in a week
Pot requirementRepot every 1-2 years
NutritionFeed once a month with a balanced (such as NPK) liquid or water-soluble fertilizer.
Pruning/trainingRemove dead and diseased leaves with sterile shears
DescriptionPaubrasilia echinataΒ is a very popular indoor hydroponic plant, can be placed in living room, study, office desktop. It can put in front of the computer, absorbing formaldehyde, preventing radiation, and purifying air. At the same time, braziletto is also called lucky wood, which can bring good luck to the family, increase financial fortune, and bless with safeness.That are easy to care for. It is indoor bonsai, can bring luck, has a small stump and is a potted plant of water planting.It likes normal temperature, high humidity climate. Add water after drying for 1/2 days, alternately dry and wet to prevent bottom rot.Do not add too much water, long-term soaking at high water levels will cause the trunk to rot, odor and death.If the water quality is found to be stinky, stop soaking immediately, dry the trunk, and add water again.

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45.0 AED129.0 AED (-18%)

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