Kochia – summer cypress

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Botanical name:- Bassia scoparia

  • 30cm-45cm


Scientific nameBassia scoparia
NameKochia “summer cypress”
WateringOnce per week and keep moist
PestsSpider mites, mealybugs, scale and thrips
Pet friendlinessToxic to pets and humans
LightBright, indirect light
Temperature18-24 °C
Humidity50-60% mist if needed
Pot requirementGood drainage and repot every 1-2 years
Plant heightUp to 90 cm
Potting mixPotting soil / Red soil / Manure / Perlite
NutritionApply Manure once in fortnight and NPK in next fortnight
Pruning and trainingRemove dead and diseased leaves with sterile shears
Common color and seasonN/A
DescriptionKochia “summer cypress” Kochia scoparia (L.) also known as fireweed, burning bush, was introduced to the United States around 1900 as an ornamental from Eurasia. Because of kochia’s low water requirements and resistance to diseases and insects, interest in it as a forage crop has increased in the last decade. Can be used in revegetation programs for erosion control. Germinate and grow at any time in the growing season, and it thrives in sandy, alkaline and other poor soils that’s why it can be sown by airplane on large areas that need revegetation, such as areas that have been devastated by fire and provides a quick groundcover to protect topsoil and provide a food source for wildlife until native grasses take over. Shop More Plants here For Best Landscaping Service Contact Sunscape.


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Kochia - summer cypress

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