Horticulture Vermiculite

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Horticulture Vermiculite

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Horticulture Vermiculite is well-known for being an effective growing medium. Commonly used in compost formulations with coir or peat, it creates ideal conditions for plant growth. It improves aeration of the soil, promotes a consistent release of added fertilizer and improves moisture retention of the soil. Vermiculite holds water, making more moisture available to the roots of plants grown in potting soil.

*The packaging design shown is for illustrates purpose only. The actual product will be delivered in see through bags.

Unlock the secrets to flourishing gardens with our premium Horticulture Vermiculite. Crafted to nurture your plants and elevate your gardening experience, this lightweight mineral boasts exceptional moisture retention, ensuring your green companions receive the hydration they crave without drowning them.

Derived from naturally occurring minerals, our Vermiculite offers superior aeration, promoting healthy root growth and preventing soil compaction. Say goodbye to wilted plants and hello to thriving botanical wonders as our Vermiculite provides the ideal environment for your greenery to flourish.

Forget about the hassle of frequent watering; our Vermiculites’ unique structure retains moisture efficiently, reducing watering frequency and conserving water in the process. Witness your garden transform into a lush oasis with minimal effort and maximum results.

With its heat resistance properties, our Vermiculite shields your plants from temperature extremes, ensuring they remain protected during hot summers and chilly winters. Embrace worry-free gardening as our Vermiculite acts as a natural insulator, safeguarding your plants year-round.

Revitalize your gardening routine and experience bountiful harvests with ease. Elevate your gardening game today by incorporating our premium Horticulture Vermiculite. Order now and witness the transformative power of enriched soil for yourself!

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Horticulture Vermiculite

Horticulture Vermiculite

14.0 AED

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