Palisad Spiral hose, 7.5 m x 10 mm, plastic accessories (adapter 3/4″+ sprinkler

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plastic accessories

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The house of spiral type can be elongated to the length of up to 6 m and does not take much space at storage. There are quick-detachable connectors on the ends of the hose: on one end – adapter 3/4″ plastic accessories on another end – sprinkler. All fittings are made of shock-proof ABS-plastics. It is used in home grounds irrigation systems. A spray gun with fitting connection and a convenient back-end trigger. It is equipped with an adjustable nozzle providing seven modes of irrigation: shower, all-holes mode, fine fog type, flat-vertical jet, flat horizontal mode, fog-type, hard jet. There is trigger lock for continuous work. It is used for all types of irrigation of vegetable patches, in gardens, parks, as well as for cleaning purposes. It is compatible with all elements of PALISAD and PALISAD Luxe irrigation systems. The gun body, the handle and the trigger are made of durable ABS-plastic. The adapter is made of shock-proof ABS-plastics. It is supplied with an adapter allowing to connect the sprinkler system with the taps diam.

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plastic accessories

Palisad Spiral hose, 7.5 m x 10 mm, plastic accessories (adapter 3/4"+ sprinkler

48.0 AED

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