Shalimar Vegetarian Bio Organic Compost

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100% Plant Origin Organic Bio-Fertilizer without adding human or animal waste . This fertilizer contains 85-90% of organic matters which help to improve precious. Anti-bacteria control in Air & Soil. Odorless in character. Save Water utility.70 %. Hygroscopic property. Moisture holding capacity. Moisture permeability. Inter-grain airspace. Fractional void volume. Increase in organic content of the soil.

Unique benefits of Bio Compost

– Improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.
– Improves the soil structure, air circulation and water retention capacity of the soil.
– Retains nutrients and prevents them from leaching away the plant roots.
– Contains both the micro-nutrients (calcium, sulphur, magnesium, iron, etc.) and macro-nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash) essential for plant growth.
– Microbes accelerate the breakdown of crop residues in the soil. This improves the texture of the soil and also releases the locked-up elements.
– Increase the yield and quality of field, vegetable, tree and fruit crops.
– Can easily be applied as both base-dressing and top-dressing.
– Improves alkaline and saline/sodic soil.
– Helps the growth of the roots by improving the soil structure.
– Ultimately, it betters the crop yield by improving soil fertility and soil structure.
– Useful for all types of field crops, vegetable crops, orchards, kitchen gardens and flowers.

*The packaging design shown is for illustrate purpose only. The actual product will be delivered in see through bags.

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Shalimar Vegetarian Bio Organic Compost

23.0 AED

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