Capsicum Annuum – Sweet And Chili Pepper

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Botanical name:- Chilli Pepper.

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Scientific nameCapsicum annuum
Common nameChilli pepper
Temperature25-35 °C
LightFull sun
WateringWater everyday &keep moist
PestsWhite fly, thrips,aphids,leaf minor
Pet friendlinessNot hazardous
Maximum plant height50-150cm
Potting mixPotting soil/coco peat/perlite/moss
Pot requirementGood drainage&repot every 1-2 years
NutritionApply manure for first 15 days and npk for next 15 days
Pruning & trainingRemove dead & diseased leaves with sterile shears
Common color & season
DescriptionChilli is mainly used in culinary purpose for adding flavour, colour, and pungency. Dry chilli, powdered or ground into a paste and even green chillies are used for curries, sambars, rasam and other savory dishes to impart pungency, colour and flavour to food items. It is widely used in the manufacture of curry powder, curry paste and all kinds of pickles and preparing sauce, soups, salads etc.Chilli performs well in warm humid tropical and subtropical regions. Optimum temperature range of 15-35c is requires for chilli cultivation.Comparatively milder climate conditions are preffered for growth.Chilli can be grown in wide range of soils but well drained loam soil rich in organic matter is best suited for chilli cultivars. Good fertile soils with humus are most desirable for growing capsicum. Npk :175:75:75 can be applied .Heavy application of n fertilizers may increase vegetative growth and delay maturity. Regular watering should be provided.The crop is harvested for either green fruits or red ripe fruits by hand picking. The picking of green fruits continues for about 2 months at an internal of 10-12 days and they will be five to six pickings for green chillies and 3-4 for red ripe fruits.

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Capsicum Annuum - Sweet And Chili Pepper

8.0 AED12.0 AED (-33%)