Christmas Tree – Fraser Fir

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Botanical name:- Araucaria heterophylla.

  • 5-6ft
  • 6-7ft
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Scientific nameAraucaria heterophylla,Araucaria excelsa
NameChristmas Tree “Fraser Fir”
WateringWater everyday and keep moist
PestsScale, sooty mold
Pet friendlinessToxic to pets.
LightBright indirect sunlight.
Temperature requirement18-24 °C
Humidity50-60% mist if needed
Pot requirementGood drainage  and repot every 1-2 years
Plant height18-24m
Potting mixPotting soil / Red soil / Manure / Perlite
NutritionApply manure once in fortnight and NPK in next fortnight
Pruning and trainingRemove dead and diseased leaves with sterile shears
Common color and seasonN/A
DescriptionAs an indoor plant, it is a small evergreen with saber-like leaves that turn inward in an overlapping herringbone pattern on tiered branches. Indoors it prefers a bright, cool room (55-65 degrees f) and will reach heights of 9 feet. Use fertile, porous, sandy, peaty, slightly acidic, well-drained potting soil. Full sun is normally best for developing compact symmetrical growth, but light afternoon shade may be needed to avoid possible foliage bleach (yellow tints). As a houseplant it usually adapts to the warm, dry atmosphere found in most offices and homes. Browning is very normal for the araucaria heterophylla as an indoor potted plant. In case you find brown branches all over the tree, it is the indication that you are not watering your plant properly. Either the plant is under-watered or over-watered. Thus, you need to take effective care steps and use the watering process as per the recommendations. Also, it can also be the sign of lack of humidity, and so you need to first evaluate the reason for browning. Then take essential steps, required for the araucaria heterophylla as indoor potted plant care.


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5-6ft, 6-7ft

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Christmas tree

Christmas Tree - Fraser Fir

335.0 AED425.0 AED (-36%)

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