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Botanical name:- Fittonia

  • 5cm - 10cm
  • 10cm-15cm
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Scientific nameFittonia Albivenis
NameFittonia, Nerve Plant, Mosaic Plant
Temperature requirement18-24 °C
Humidity50-60% Mist If Needed
LightBright, Indirect Light
WateringOnce per Week and keep Moist
PestsFungus Gnats, Mealy Bugs and aphids.
Pet friendlinessNot Hazardous
Pot requirementGood Drainage and repot Every 1-2 Years
Max plant height10-20 cm
Potting mixPotting Soil / Red Soil / Manure / Perlite / Coco Peat
NutritionApply manure once in fortnight and NPK in next fortnight
Pruning and trainingRemove dead and diseased leaves with sterile shears
DescriptionFittonia Is A Genus Of Flowering Plants In The Acanthus Family Acanthaceae, Native To Tropical Rainforest In South America, Mainly Peru. The Most Commonly Grown Are F. Albivenis And Its Cultivars. They Are Spreading Evergreen Perennials Growing 10–20 Cm A Tropical Plant That Naturally Grows In The Humid, Bright Shade Of Tropical Forests, This Plant Prefers Similar Conditions When Grown As A Houseplant. It Dislikes Full Sunlight, Preferring Bright, Indirect Sun.fittonia Grows Well In Standard Potting Soil With A Peat Moss Base. It Prefers A Slightly Acidic Soil Ph (6.5). The Soil Should Retain Some Moisture But Should Also Drain Well.keeping The Plant Appropriately Moist Can Be A Challenge. Nerve Plant Is Prone To Collapse If It’s Allowed To Dry Out. Although It Will Recover Quickly If Thoroughly Watered, Repeated Fainting Spells Will Eventually Take Their Toll On The Plant. At The Other Extreme, Fittonia Plants That Are Allowed To Stagnate In Water Will Develop Yellowed, Limp Leaves. Nerve Plant Thrives At Temperatures Around 70 F But Will Tolerate A Range From The Low 60s F To Low 80s F. These Plants Prefer Humid Conditions Similar To Those Found In Rainforests. Regular Misting Will Keep The Plants From Drying Out. Most Growers Find It’s Easiest To Grow These Lovely But Temperamental Plants In Terrariums, Bottle Gardens, Or Covered Gardens Where They Can Get The High Humidity And Diffuse Light They Love So Much. They Also Do Well In Steamy Bathrooms.during Its Growing Season, Feed Plants Weekly With A Weak Dose Of Liquid Fertilizer Formulated For Tropical Plants. A Balanced 5-5-5 Fertilizer Diluted To Half Strength Is A Good Formulation. Nerve Plant Grows Quickly In The Right Conditions, And If The Stems Grow Leggy, Pinching Off The Tips Will Keep The Growth Full And Bushy.nerve Plants Propagate Readily From Stem-tip Cuttings

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5cm – 10cm, 10cm-15cm


1 pc, Set of 5

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14.0 AED119.0 AED (-26%)

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