Monstera deliciosa

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Botanical name:- Monstera deliciosa.

  • 40-50cm
  • 50-60cm
  • 70-80cm
  • 80 -100cm
  • 100-120cm
  • 130-150cm
Scientific nameMonstera deliciosa
NameSwiss cheese Plant.
WateringOnce per week and keep moist
PestsSpider mites, mealybugs, scale and aphid
Pet friendlinessToxic to pets and humans
LightBright, indirect light
Temperature18-24 °C
Humidity50-60% mist if needed
Pot requirementGood drainage and repot every 1-2 years
Plant height25-35cm
Potting mixPotting soil / Red soil / Manure / Perlite
NutritionApply Manure once in fortnight and NPK in next fortnight
Pruning and trainingRemove dead and diseased leaves with sterile shears
Common color and seasonN/A
DescriptionMonstera deliciosa, known as  Swiss Cheese Plant. Native of tropical rain forests of southern Mexico. Gentle sunlight is fine but direct sun might be harmful.Monstera minima is a species of flowering plant in the genus Monstera of the arum family, Araceae. Its binomial name minima refers to its tiny foliage, and it is indeed the smallest of the Monstera species when it comes to leaf size.

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40-50cm, 50-60cm, 70-80cm, 80 -100cm, 100-120cm, 130-150cm

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80.0 AED399.0 AED

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