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Botanical name:- Jamun / Malabar plum / Syzygium cumini.

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  • 1.5M-2M
  • 80cm-100cm
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Scientific nameSyzygium cumini
Common name
Jamun, Malabar plum
Temperature25-35 °C
LightFull sun, partial shade,
WateringWater everyday &keep moist
PestsLeaf eating caterpillar and white fly.
Pet friendlinessGood
Maximum plant height550-600cm
Potting mixPotting soil/red soil/manure/perlite
Pot requirementGood drainage & repot every 1-2 years
NutritionApply manure for first 15 days and npk for next 15 days
Pruning & trainingRemove dead & diseased leaves with sterile shears
DescriptionFairly fast-growing tree with dense crown, reaches full size in 40 years. Typically forks into multiple trunks at around 0.9-1.5M near the ground. Mature leaves glossy dark green with yellow mid rib, young leaves pinkish, scented like turpentine. Flowers small, produced in powderpuff inflorescences, fragrant. Aging from creamy white to rose pink before dropping off. Fruit formation occurs around 32 days after flowering. Fruits are fleshy, obong berries (2 x 1.7Cm), ripening from green to purplish-red to shiny purplish-black. Attractive to birds, squirrels, monkeys and feral pigs. Edible raw, taste ranges from astringent sour to fairly sweet.Seeds are recalcitrant and do not not dry or store well to be sown soon after collection. May be planted lose together as wind break. Tolerates drought and short term flooding when established. Fruits eaten raw or made into juice, sauces, jams and preserves. Fermented fruits made into wine or vinegar. High in vitamins a and c. Many parts of plant used as remedies in traditional medicine. It is propagated by plant / seed / cutting / air layering.Once established, this plant can tolerate drought. It is also suitable for xeriscaping. However, for better results Jamun prefers regular watering.Although Jamun prefers a sunny position, plants are moderately shade tolerant, especially when young.Syzygium cumini does best in well draining soil. A good soil will contain lots of organic matter such as coco coir as well as perlite or vermiculite to help with drainage.

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