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Botanical name:- Genus Morus.

  • 1.2M-1.5M
  • 1.5M-1.8M
  • 1.8m-2m
  • 2M-2.5M
  • 60cm-80cm
  • 80cm-100cm
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Mulberry -Genus Morus

Mulberries are deciduous and have toothed, sometimes lobed leaves that are alternately arranged along the stems.
Individuals can be monoecious (bearing both male and female flowers) or dioecious (bearing only male or female flowers). The minute flowers are borne in tight catkin clusters. Each fruit develops from an entire flower cluster and is formally known as a multiple. The fruits somewhat resemble blackberries and ripen to white, pink, red, or purple.

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1.2M-1.5M, 1.5M-1.8M, 1.8m-2m, 2M-2.5M, 60cm-80cm, 80cm-100cm

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30.0 AED170.0 AED

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