Pineapple Red (60cm – 80cm)

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Plant Care


During summer, Water daily or when the soil starts to become slightly dry at the top. During Winter season water once in 2 days or when the soil starts to become slightly dry at the top. Keep the soil lightly moist at all times, but do not overwater as this will cause brown spots and leaf drop. Curly or dry leaves suggest, the plant is dry and needs watering. Water in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler. Always check your soil before watering.


During summer season keep the plants in shaded area and during winter season plants can withstand direct/indirect light.


During summer season or when the temperature is above 45°C place the plant in shaded area. During winter season or the when the temperature is below 45°C the plants can be directly placed in direct/indirect sunlight.


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Scientific nameAnanas comosus
Common name
Pineapple Red
Temperature25-35 °C
LightFull sun
WateringWater everyday & keep moist
PestsMealy bug,ants, nematodes
Pet friendlinessNot hazardous
Maximum plant height150cm height and 100cm spread
Potting mixPotting soil/red soil/manure/perlite
Pot requirementGood drainage & repot every 1-2 years
NutritionApply manure for first 15 days and npk for next 15 days
Pruning & trainingRemove dead & diseased leaves with sterile shears
Common color & season
DescriptionPineapple Red is considered as one of the most popular tropical fruit, and is known as “golden queen” all over the globe. It can be grown as mixed crop in most of the orchards and also as hedge plant and as a pure crop. It is drought tolerant and suitable for marginal lands.Pineapple Red can be grown successfully from seacoast to an altitude of about 1500m above sea level. The optimum temperature is from 21c-24c. It can be grown in areas of 22c 32c with optimum rainfall ranges from 100-150cm. A pineapple plant generally attains flowering stage 11-12 months after planting by which time the plant should have produced at least 40 leaves.The higher temperature is beneficial for fruit development, low temperature is harmful and does not improve colour of fruits. The fruits grow well in sandy loam soil. Fruit size is larger on the heavier soil but flavor of the fruit is better when grown on lighter soil. It prefers soils which are acidic (ph 4.5-5.5). While high mg and mn content are injurious to the crop.Propagation: pineapple is mainly propagated by vegetative methods viz., Suckers, slips, crowns and stumps, among these suckers and slips and crowns are the three important parts used as planting.

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Pineapple Red

Pineapple Red (60cm - 80cm)

90.0 AED105.0 AED (-14%)